THE IGBO CALENDAR has been existing in Igboland at the heartland of ancient Biafra Empire within the Equatorial zones of Africa, at the same time as the Egyptian, the Greek, the Babylonian and Roman Calendars! The Igbo 4-day week calendar is also known as, and identical to Biafra calendar, or Benin calendar, or African Natural calendar.

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Calendar Ndi Igbo

This site show cases the unique features of the Igbo people’s calendar (calendar ndi Igbo), its origin and constancy.

“Igbo Calendar from A.D. 0001 to A.D. 8064: With a comparative examination of the Gregorian and other world calendars”

written by HRH Eze Silver Ibenye-Ugbala, Eze Ugo III of Okporo.

The book not only lays out the origin and immutability of the Igbo calendar, but also presents a comparative analysis of the Igbo calendar in relation to the Gregorian calendar and other world calendars.

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