The Igbo Calendar from A.D. 0001 to A.D. 8064: With a comparative examination of the Gregorian and other world Calendars.
Written by H.R.H. Eze Silver Ibenye Ugbala, Eze Ugo III of Okporo, Imo State, Nigeria.

The book presents a comparative analysis of the Igbo calendar in relation to the Gregorian calendar and other world calendars. It gives insight into the origin of Igbo calendar dealing with the origin of the four Igbo market days (EKE, ORIE, AFO, and NKWO). It portrays the calendar as 112 Reference Charts from AD 0001 to AD 8064 with each reference chart showing 72 related years with identical Igbo market days and Gregorian week days which co-jointly repeat every 112 years. It also gives guidance on how to read and use the calendar. This is a book for every Igboman, woman, and especially children, and anyone interested in the calendrical system of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

Find out your derived Igbo name from the market day you were born.

In addition, the book also contains;

  • “The position and meaning of kola-nut in the cultural life of Igbos”,
  • “The map of Igbo land”,
  • “The last words of Adam to Eve before partaking of the forbidden apple” and lots more.

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